Solo: live saxophone

Lounge music, bossa nova, soul and jazz classics with saxophone. Repertoire with gems of music history and most favorite compostions.

Bluesax & Janet Dawkins

Duo: live saxophonist and singer Janet Dawkins

Lounge music, smooth jazz, soul music, bossa nova and jazz classics form Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse.

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Four for the Blues

Duo: live saxophone player / upright bass and piano
Trio: additional with singer
Quartett: additional with drums / percussions
Swing, Bossa Nova, Soul and Jazz Classics

Stylish live band with jazz classics, bossa nova and soul music. Dance music in quartet with drummer.


Duo: live saxophone and cello player Liz Schneider

Chillout and Lounge Music with cello player Liz Schneider and Ralph Zöbeli on tenor saxophone. Modern ambient instrumetal music.

YouTube demo song